Appeal to Authority

Posted on Jun 4, 2011 in Logical Fallacies

It is a faulty appeal to authority when someone argues that a claim must be true simply because someone (or a group of people) say so. The thing to remember about all appeals to authority is that an argument should really be evaluated on its internal merit, not on the person making it. The following belongs to this category:

Appeal to many (also known as appeal to the majority)
Appeal to the one

An evolutionist may say: “The universe, to the vast majority of scientists, is naturally, not supernaturally, designed“. This is the fallacy of appeal to authority. It is also the fallacy of appeal to majority and it is rationally irrelevant. At one time, the majority of scientists believed the sun and planets revolved about the earth – but that didn’t make it so.

See also “Appeal to the one
See also “Appeal to the majority

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