Frequently/Commonly Asked Questions

Does God Exist?

This question is no doubt the most important question in the universe. If God exists and the Bible is true, then we are in trouble! If God does not exist and there is no purpose to life, nor is there life after death, then we are in trouble! So this appears to be the ultimate question with crucial consequences. Whilst the existence of God is something that we usually accept by faith, it is...

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Can science account for everything?

The answer is NO! Science cannot account for everything! There are a good number of things that cannot be scientifically proven but are all rational to accept. 1) Logical and mathematical truths cannot be proven using science. Science presupposes logical and maths. Using science to prove logic and maths would cause circular reasoning. 2) Metaphysical truths such as: a. The acceptance of minds...

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Is there any evidence that the Soul exists?

Does the Soul exist? Is there any scientific and logical argument that supports this? In order to follow this we must first understand the law of cause-and-effect (causality). This is the principle that for every effect (or event) there is a cause. This is the idea that it is impossible to have something happen without a cause. It is metaphysical principle called ex nihilo nihil fit (which is...

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Christian Denominations

Why are there so many different denominations and churches?  Jesus prayed that all believers should be one (see John 17) so the world would be convinced that He was all that He claimed to be; and it is very true the differences put people off and so they can claim, “ If you cannot agree, how can we be sure what you say is right and reliable?” Complete unity is a great blessing; and,...

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Who Created God?

If God created everything, then who created God? God is either self-existing or self-created ( Self-created = This causes a conflict and a contradiction. God will have to exist first to create himself. Self-existing = He has always existed The reason we ask this question (ie who created God), is because we are stuck in the limitation...

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Why do bad things happen?

There are many reasons why Bad things happen. God gave us freewill; with that comes responsibilities along with the consequence of freewill. If you do bad things, bad things will happen to you or others. Regarding illnesses that are outside our control; when God first created the world, He did not intend it to be the way it is now. It was supposed to be free of sickness and disease. After the 6...

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