Posted on Jun 1, 2011 in Logical Fallacies

The belief that ALL knowledge is acquired by unbiased observation of the evidence around us. In other words, observation is the ULTIMATE standard by which ALL truth claims are tested. This in itself is a worldview! Many evolutionists are empiricist. We must eventually ask the empiricist HOW he/she KNOWS that “all knowledge is gained through observation”. Clearly this is not something that empiricist has observed (since knowledge cannot be “seen”). So how could anyone possibly know that empiricism itself is true, if all things are indeed known by observation? If empiricism is proved in some way other than through observation, then it refutes itself. If the empiricist’s ultimate standard did happen to be true, the empiricist could never actually KNOW that it is true; he could never prove it.And if a person’s ultimate standard is uncertain, then all his other beliefs (which are based on that standard) are called into question. Empiricism destroys the possibility of actually knowing anything.

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