Why did Jesus die for our sins?

Posted on Mar 26, 2011 in Bible Studies, Frequently/Commonly Asked Questions

Why did Jesus die for our sins? Couldn’t God just change the rules

Why would an almighty God who has power to make anything possible need to sacrifice Himself (as Jesus) to Himself (God) in order to forgive man of sin against Himself (God)? He is God after-all, so why couldn’t He just change the rules and save himself all that trouble and pain?

First of all we need to know who God is in order to understand why He had to allow His son to suffer for us. The God of the Bible is a HOLY, JUST and PERFECTLY LOVING God! So what does that mean?

Because He’s HOLY, He cannot tolerate sin. Indeed the more HOLY He is, the less tolerant he can be. And, because He’s JUST He must punish sin. Of course, the more JUST He is, the less lenient He can be. However, because He’s PERFECTLY LOVING, this demands a way out for this dilemma without contradicting his HOLINESS and without exercising INJUSTICE.

This is where Jesus comes into the scene. Jesus took the punishment so that we don’t have to! He was suffered for a very good reason! Think of God as a judge. A just judge cannot tolerate bad behaviour. In fact the more just the judge is, the less tolerant he can be in passing his sentence. A judge that is willing to alter the rules to suit the criminal (regardless of the excuse) would be considered a corrupt judge. Similarly if God is HOLY and JUST at the same time, then His sentence DEMANDS zero tolerance and maximum punishment. But His PERFECT LOVE also DEMANDS a way out without breaking the rules.

This is where Jesus willingly sacrificed (ie took the punishment) himself for our sake. But for us to receive the benefit of His action we must accept Him as payment for our punishment. Refusing to accept this sacrifice means that we will have to pay for it ourselves. God will give you the free will to accept this free gift because He is a HOLY, JUST and PERFECTLY LOVING God!

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