Posted on Jun 1, 2011 in Logical Fallacies

This is the belief that truth is “relative“. That it varies from person to person. Relativism includes the idea that there are no absolutes. But the proposition that “there are no absolutes” is itself an absolute proposition. Relativists assert that it is absolutely true that truth is not absolute. This is a self-defeating philosophy. If relativism were absolutely true, it would lead to the consequence that it cannot be absolutely true. So , if it were true, it would be false; therefore it is false.

A relativist asserts that there are no absolutes and that truth is subjective; “my truth is not your truth“. However, all logical reasoning presupposes that there are absolutes and that there are absolutes and that truth is objective. The law of non-contradiction, for example, would be meaningless if truth varied from person to person. Relativists can be very irritating because they have essentially given up the laws of logic, yet they expect everyone else to abide by them. This obvious inconsistency should be pointed out to the relativist. “If what you’re saying is true, then why are you debating with me? How can you say that my position is wrong if truth is relative to the individual?”

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