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Christian Terminologies

Born Again
Righteousness Justification Redemption Propitiation Imputation

Bible “contradictions”

Genesis chapter 1 and 2
How many men did king David kill?
How many chariot horses did Solomon have?
How much gold did Solomon get from Ophir and who did it

Logical Fallacies

Law of Non-Contradiction
Laws of Logic
The fallacy of ambiguity

The Fallacy of Faulty Appeal

The fallacy of presumptions

The fallacy of appealing to authority

Fallacies of Relevance

Reductio ad absurdum
Rational thinking
Uniformity of nature
The Genetic fallacy
Appeal to probability
Appeal to ridicule

Frequently/Commonly Asked Questions

Why did Jesus die for our sins?
If God is so powerful and good how come bad stuff happens?
If God created everything then who created God?
Why are there so many different Christian denominations?
Is there any evidence that the soul exists?
Can science account for everything?
Does God Exist?